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Emerging Tech and Trends Meets Rapid Prototyping

You’ll find us—technologists, poets, visual designers, strategists, researchers, and more.

Product experience

At the same time we need to continuously improve this experience as customer’s expectations also develop over time.

Intelligent Hardware

Workout with Mobi Fitness App. It offers a range of additional features and functions, including live and on-demand classes, virtual racing, training programs and more.


Conceptual Product

In order to verify the feasibility of story-based interaction design method, we used this method to do the design of a concept product and also did the evaluation to the product.


What makes organizations more creatively competitive?

In today’s fast-changing world, helping leaders and companies evolve and grow through human-centered design.


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Early Works

Sean's Work 2012

Shanghai’s Early Works

Work 2007

Beijing’s Early Works


Every part of the business resonates with this.

Our previous motto was too broad, and focused more on novel, proprietary products, not really the core business we were in. And it was not actionable. In a sense, the words “can’t wait” puts people on the spot to be agile, dynamic, not become bureaucratic, even as we’re growing big. Now I see that every part of the business resonates with this idea of helping clients as the focus of our business. “Can’t wait” expresses a sense of motivation. It drives people to do more, faster, better. It’s changing the whole culture of the organization.

What My Partners Say

Similar hardware add-ons could transform smart phones into inexpensive sensor devices that could serve many sport and rehabilitation needs.
Independent Hardware Vendor
The layout adopted in the design of international brand more popular white space and contrast layout style, visual flow to fully boot.
The Brand Owner
Creative Design In Brand、Visual Design
This will provide a seamless user experience that doesn't require a page reload.
Product Operation
Experience Design、Product Design